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You don't know why the sun never rose, or why monsters started appearing in the darkness. All you know is that the light keeps them at bay, and the tiny island you and your friend are stranded on is quickly running out of wood...

In Hearth, you and your guitar-toting coward friend are stuck on an island, with only a small campfire to keep the monsters at bay. Set out across the island to gather wood for your escape plan, a small raft, or use them to make torches to provide a temporary retreat from the monsters. Don't forget to keep your fire alive, so your friend doesn't get mauled to death. 

Good Luck...


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It is strange that cannot install it through itchio's app. Only manual download works 

This was a lot of fun.


Gave it a Let's Play and my feedback 

Surprisingly fun and stylish little game. It's nice to see works being developed that aren't just using basic assets. Thanks for sharing it with us!

This game is a fun experience to have and I loved the little character model for our friend. Super cute!

 The fire mechanics worked well and I do like that the spawn on the map changes every time. The place that you made was dreary and the trees were spooky. I enjoyed playing overall. 

Really cool idea to keep the fire lit to push away the monsters kind of reminded me of Don't starve on how it worked, thank you for making this! 1st Game.

Not bad, tho I do wish there was more to the ending.

I like it! Although I do think the ending is a bit anti-climatic, nonetheless, good job on this!

Awesome game... Art, Gameplay, Graphics, everything...
I played for so much time since is really difficult to manage the Campfire, avoiding the Monsters, look at the Sticks, build the Raft.
I love this project <3 Keep it up!!!

Like the sound and art style. I had some bad RNG in some of my runs.


The sound design is really awesome and sets the spooky ambiance, normally I don’t really like horror games, but this one is different, it was challenging and my fire kept dieing, but the game kept me playing a couple of times. I like how the monsters growled a little to warn the player, overall, great game !


so cool

Good soft survival horror game. 


Loved the animation style!


Cool game! The environment was chill but creepy at the same time.